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Are these questions frequently asked?

No, but they should be.

What is a human powered aircraft?

It is any flying machine powered entirely by a human. This includes aeroplanes, helicopters and ornithopters. While there is no universally agreed definition, the FAI uses the RAeS’s definition for the Kremer prizes for aeroplanes and the BHPFC uses the same definition. Generally the aircraft has to be capable of take-off and landing on flat, level(ish) ground under human power alone.

The BHPFC has, so far, been mainly concerned with aeroplanes.

Is the BHPFC limited to Britain?

While the BHPFC is based in Britain, membership is open world-wide.

BHPFC competition

What do I need to compete?

You need a Human Powered Aircraft that conforms to the BHPFC rule.

You need at least 2 million of insurance cover. This can be provided by membership of the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association although some Universities will underwrite it for a University team.

You do not need a HPA pilot’s licence as no such thing exists at the moment but it is a good idea to have some glider lessons to know general piloting skills. HPAs are different than other powered planes to fly


The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd
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United Kingdom
Telephone: 0116 289 4316 Fax: 0116 289 8741

Unfortunately your PPL pilot will still need to apply for BHPA membership to be covered by insurance. No course is required for HPA flying, just a fee to the BHPA. However if he is able to get a statement from his insurance company that shows he has 2 million insurance cover for this activity ! then that may be a possible exception, but we have never found an insurance company that willing in the past. The BHPA way is the simplest ! see these links below

Registering the aircraft can be done at the same time you apply for BHPA membership, I believe it is the uncertified wing form above, but you will have to check that with the BHPA office as it is years now when I did mine. HPAs are regarded as experimental wings

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