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Since humans started watching birds fly some 3 million years ago, they’ve wondered if they could do likewise. This desire was embodied in the ancient Greek legend of Daedalus and Icarus attempting to fly from Crete to Santorini with only Daedalus making it. But did you know that the legendary flight of Daedalus has been achieved in real life by a human-powered aircraft of the same name in 1988? It was flown more than 70 miles across the sea between the 2 islands in just under 4 hours. See video here

Until recently, human-powered aircraft (HPAs) were the domain of highly funded groups with great technical and manufacturing back-up. But now, due to advances in materials, production methods and general understanding of HPAs, they can be built and flown by groups of ordinary people and the BHPFC are leading the way by running events and competitions. Also HPAs fly so low and slow that they can be piloted by people without licences and with little danger.

But we need your help, we would like to see more HPA projects completed. We need assistance in areas such as materials, design, tooling, manufacture, spaces – and finance. The events & build project guidance co-ordination cost money. Without funding, none of these aircraft projects can go ahead and the competition events are limited to few aircraft and only once a year.

The very first HPA was designed and built by students at Southampton University in the 60s. Southampton University still has an HPA society and is expected to compete at next year’s Icarus cup competition.

Members of HPA teams are highly motivated individuals with a broad range of skills and talent. HPA events are a great place to bring together employers and high-quality future employees.

The build projects campaign is aimed mainly at young people, to interest them in STEM subjects as well as to encourage leadership, teamwork, practical skills and fitness. You have to pedal pretty vigorously to get an HPA of the ground!

Will you help us encourage young people to take an interest in STEM subjects and aerospace? Will you help us guide young people towards careers in engineering, which are primary wealth-producers for our nation! Will you help us tempt them away from their phones and into the real world?

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of this ground-breaking sport or part of a fascinating build project.

Roger Warren
British Human Powered Flying Club – treasurer


Team Betterfly after their first successful flight…